Website closing :(

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I am sorry but someone has offerd me being on there blog making post comments ext.

I am very sorry but i really want to do this and canot haddle these 2 blogs.

Bye  😦


Pocket God app LOGO

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Hey guys just wanted to show you the pocketgod logo here it is.

What is a Pocket God episode ?

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Many people seem to wonder what episodes are in the amazing app Pocket god. Well An episoid is just a fancy name for an update. Each episode title hints to a new update.

Just wanted everyone to know that Bye 🙂

What’s Pocket God?

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Pocket God is an amazing game for Ipod touch,  this app is developedby Bolt Creative a amazing company! What makes Pocket God differnt from other apps is that it is constantly growing, now at there 15 week of being an app they have released 15 updates!!!

That’s right an update every week and not just small updates huge updates!!

My Job is to tell you about delays and new updates so stay tuned for this week I will give a review on pocket god Bye for now!